Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Senior year.... really?

As many of you might already know I am a senior. Yes, that is correct. There are times within each week that I might question that statement, but apparently it is true. I officially received my "Anna, You're a senior, so you must fill all of this information out" paper in my mailbox. It is a bit intimidating, but I have to get over that fact, right??
This week has been a busy, stressful, frustrating week. Yes, we have those weeks as college students, sometimes I think I have multiple months in a row that are like that. Papers are due, tests approach fast than they were supposed to, interviews are set up for internships, resumes are to be edited and corrected. All of these things are happening this week, while I am trying my best to keep up. Today I am running on little sleep and a lot of coffee. What a feeling....
Sometimes I feel like I come to my blog with exhausting topics to inform all of you about, but the crazy thing is that I secretly love some of these crazy days. The studying and homework not so much, but laughing with my roommate as we watch the stress go from bad to worse in our room was one of the funniest things that could have happened yesterday, and today I secured my internship for next semester. What a feeling that was!!!

I made my way to downtown Lima this morning with directions and my resume in hand, searching frantically for this address. I made sure to leave 40 minutes early so I had time to redirect myself if I happened to get lost. I met with my field supervisor for next year and we both left the meeting very happy! I am thrilled at what will happen next semester and am even more excited that I have an internship to go to! :)

So busy days on campus aren't really that bad, they can just hit you at the wrong time and create some damage in ones mood.
I hope you have a blessed day, And Dan Stanowick (my boss) says hello.

Blessings of Peace,

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