Monday, October 26, 2009

This week

Hello everyone,
Today on campus has been beautiful. The sun is out, the leaves are golden, and it is just beautiful. This week I am attending a conference at the United Nations in NYC and I am sooo excited about it. There are 10 students that are going and we are all going to support Bluffton University. I am honored to be chosen for this opportunity. :)
As of right now, we have started week 9 here on campus. Midterms are over, the month of October is coming to a close and November is following close behind. I cannot believe that I am so close to be starting my internship. Speaking of internships, I am a social work major and we are required that second semester of our senior year we are to go out into the community and participate in an internship with a Licensed Social worker. This is to help give us an overall education within the social work career. I have to contact my advisor so we can set up an interview.I is a bit intimidating to do because it seems so intense. I will try and keep you posted with what will be happening while I was at the internship and up to the internship.

This week is going to be fun. I will hopefully be able to post pictures from NYC, (I've never been there before) so it will be an experience of a lifetime, or so I'm told.

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather outside today, at least in Ohio.

Blessings of peace,

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