Saturday, November 28, 2009

Interesting things....

Hello all,
I hope that you are having a restful thanksgiving break from school, work, or just anything. My break has been quite eventful. It is always good to go home and rest, but sometimes in College, school work comes before rest.... even during a break! I was online while sitting at home today and noticed that my roommate from last year, Lovely Maegan, wrote somehting on her facebook. Now if you don't have facebook it is a good thing to get when coming to college. You can meet new people at school, but also stay in contact with old friends. A very good connecting place. Well Maegan posted something tonight that I want to post on here for any of you that might be thinking about coming to Bluffton. (She knows that I am taking it, and I thank her for this)
Here are some things from another students perspective of Bluffton!! :)
Random things I’ve learned at Bluffton, but not in the classroomShare

1. The dorm room walls are paper thin. You can pretty much hear everything your neighbors do. Kind of scary that other people can hear my conversations too…
2. Never buy your books in the book store. It’s basically like they’re stealing from you.
3. You really don’t need a car. I lasted two years without one.
4. I finally found out that the screeching sounds coming from the trees were not made by birds, but by squirrels.
5. When it rains, the Riley always seems to flood. Rain boots come in handy. Although, I’ve worn rain boots on days when it was supposed to rain but it didn’t. Therefore, I’ve looked like an idiot on more than one occasion.
6. Whenever I get tired of school, I want to go on a break, but after a few days at home I want to come back.
7. It is embarrassing to fall on the ice, but pretty much everyone’s done it, so they can feel your pain.
8. It is inevitable that you run into your professors in town.
9. It used to be that when you dropped your tray in Marbeck and broke a glass, everyone clapped. Fortunately, I’ve never done it. And there are plastic cups now anyways.
10. Marbeck trays are pretty good for sledding. I’ve never tried it…*cough*
11. When someone gets in a relationship or engaged, the whole campus knows within a day. News spreads like wildfire.
12. Our football team might not be that good, but I still like to go to the games.
13. It’s common to find bikes in the Riley…and it’s never funny, just sad.
14. The art building becomes like a second home for art majors.
15. Unfortunately, there is little to do on the weekends. Options include: MCB events, The Shannon, hanging out in someone’s room, or homework. However, I’ve had some of the best nights of my life doing some of these things.
16. You find out quickly to stay far from Lincoln.
17. It doesn’t matter how self-confident you are, it’s just down-right scary to eat in Marbeck by yourself.
18. A game called "tennis ball golf" exists.
19. Registering for classes is a pain in the butt.
20. Good things come from getting out of your comfort zone.
21. You have to put forth the effort if you want to get something out of your experience.
22. People know your name, and you don’t know how.
23. They actually have a Wii sports class?
24. I can do what I want without asking my parents.
25. Some of the things I cherish most are the friends I’ve made and the memories that I’ve created with them :)

Blessings of Peace,
And a Happy Thanksgiving ( a few days late! )


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