Monday, October 19, 2009

What day is it???

Today I woke up a bit earlier than I usually do on Monday mornings. This was because I am covering a shift for my dear friend Megan. So now that I am awake, I tend to forget what day it is. I usually only work at the front desk Thursday and Friday mornings, but it can't be Thursday or Friday already... right?!
This past weekend I will admit something to you.... I did very little, of anything. All of my friends either had previous things to do or they went home for the weekend, which left me here with almost no one to hang out with. I took that as a sign to get started on this weeks homework (don't judge me)That is exactly what I did. Friday night before my friends left, I sat and talked with many of them for a while. It was already a chill sort of evening. After that it was futon living and Say YES to the Dress watching. IT was incredible. Its been a long time since I've just sat down and watched television just to watch it. Saturday, I was able to sleep in later and started some of that homework. On the weekends I usually work once a night at Cracker Barrel in Findlay, so I was off to the CB to work. Overall it was a pretty good weekend. There were definitely times when I got lonely, but the idea of having an easier week because I started some homework seemed to get me through.

This week on campus is Spiritual Life week. There is something planned for each day that students can get involved in. Today is a Cookie Carry-in. (I am VERY excited about this!) Also being Monday that means I have BASIC tonight!! :)

Have a blessed Monday,(Not Thursday or Friday)

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