Thursday, October 15, 2009

Once again

Well my dear friends I apologize to you for a few things.
1. I am sorry that I haven't posted in a while.
2. I am sorry that you didn't get to see pictures from Homecoming week yet.
3. I am very sorry that this post might be more random than the others.

This week was a bit of "catch-up". I've been running around this campus from place to place with too much on my mind. It took last week (homecoming) to break me. My neighbors across the hall looked at me on Monday and asked if they would actually see me this week. What a sad thing. Two of the most incredible women live across the hall and I have rarely gotten to see them within the past few weeks, other than a random hello. This time of year on campus is the busiest. Whether it is midterms that we are studying for, events we are planning, or all of the above, its a bit more stress than normal.
I am going to do a bit of a recap from some of last weeks events. There was something planned for each evening/day during homecoming week. Some of them were small events that got large amounts of people out, and some of them were large events that had to deal a little with the weather. Overall it was a pretty good week. We had Bingo in Bob's place on Tuesday night, Chalk the Walk on Wednesday, a very funny Comedian named Jared Logan on Thursday and finally a Drive in Movie on Friday. We ran into a few bumps when it came down to having the movie outside during the rain on Friday, so we needed to find a rain location. It was difficult trying to adjust last minute for some of the details, but over all the week went very well.
This week it is already the middle of October. I have NO idea where the time went. Soon we will be having daylight savings time and November will be on its way.

I hope that it doesn't come too soon. Graduation will be upon me before I want it to be.
Blessings of Peace,

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