Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Happiest of Birthday's

Hello friends,
It is a bit early this morning, but hopefully I will make it through my post with ease. This past week has been different than many of the other ones. I have had plenty of free time. I know... crazy. I have been able to take a nap in the middle of the day. It is a strange thing to do, but my friends and I seem to love it.
This past Tuesday was my 22nd Birthday. I'm not writing that to get alot of Happy Birthday's but I'm writing to explain the past few days.

On Monday Night at 12:02 my door opens and 2 of my best friends and roommate start to sing at the top of their lungs Happy Birthday. We have quite hours on campus, so it was a bit embarrassing, but wait that was nothing compared to the next few days. After laughing a lot and taking pictures, I was told that I was getting one present that night. It was from my Hannah. If you look back at old post you have probably a 93% chance that one of the post talks about Han. We walked up to her room and she sits me down. I opened up this incredible bracelet that is just so beautiful. The second thing that she gave me was a card. Hannah is busy with a lot of things one of them being planning her wedding. :) On this card, was a question that asked if I would be a bridesmaid. :) :) How exciting! It was an eventful evening and the start of a beautiful birthday.

On Tuesday, (my busiest day) I had 3 classes, 2 meetings, lunch with my mother, and lots of questions that asked about how my birthday was. It was overall a fun night, when 6 of us made our way out for about an hour of laughter, and love. It is an incredible thing, spending a day out with friends that you would have only met at Bluffton. I am blessed everyday with it.

Wednesday was the day after my lovely 22nd Birthday. It is funny, because I thought it was the end to the celebration. I was going out for coffee with my Ireland friend, Janna, and we were going to stop by our friends apartment. This was something that we did regularly last year when we returned from our semester abroad. It was a get together. Now Jen and Joe have student teaching, so we don't see them as much, so Janna said it was going to be a random pit stop of hellos for the evening. Well, when I go and knock on the door I was greeted with a surprise and birthday cake. What an exciting thing! I was completely amazed that I didn't even realize what was happening. We spent a few hours at their place and then I finally made my way back to my room to watch a regular TV show with my roommate, GLEE. :)
Overall this week is one for the books, and I loved every bit of it!! :)

Blessings of peace,

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