Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy bodies

So, with the 7th week of class about to begin, I am in the middle of fighting my way to freedom of homework, exams and reading. Things are rushing by so quickly that I forget what day it is, and or what is happening in the next hour. A few weekends ago was one to write down in the book of fun for college students. ;) A bunch of girls that live on my floor decided to make a fort out of blanket and sheets. We proceeded to do so over and around lofts so that we could have a little cove to sit and laugh. It was a really fun night to be back on campus with everyone. That was probably the first day that things seemed to be back to normal. I fit in with the new girls and tried to form some strings with the old. Over all it was a good experience. There are plenty of pictures to go along witht that night! :) :)

This last week I was pumping out 2 papers and preparing for a test in the classes that I am taking. It is funny to me how quickly the deadline of something can come up and me not even know. My paper writing skills have figured their way out and I can say that I wrote a 7 page paper within 4-5 hours one day. I haven't gotten the paper back, soooo I'm not really sure how well I can hold that statement, but it was good to not feel paniced after it was finished. Like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders! :) :)

The weather this past week was one for the books. 50s and sunny in Feb. When does that happen?? You could tell that people were ready for change in the weather. When the sun poked its face out, people were outside running, smiling, and just making good use of the beautiful rays!! OH how I wish spring would come, the campus gets beautiful when spring comes around. I am still trying to understand where the beginning of the month went.... Spring break is just around the corner. Shoot. There is so much to do between then and now.
I better get back to work... papers, papers, papers!

Blessings of Peace.


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