Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This past weekend was a good one. On Friday night a group on campus, AASO, hosted a dance! :) YES!! I miss dancing! It was a Black and White Ball, and the Kiva was decked out in the city scene with balloons flying all over! It was going to be a good night!! We all dressed up in our little black and white outfits ready for a night of dancing! Well, it was a hit! 2nd floor Hirschey, where I live, ended up taking a lot of space up dancing. Almost our whole floor was there. What fun!! It was a night that we would forever remember. Whether we were dancing to Paramore, Michael Jackson's "Beat it" or just Fergie, we danced our hearts out!

The next day, Saturday, Shining Through was having a overnight trip to Chicago. We were worshiping at a Church on the outskirts of Chicago and got to stay the night right next to the church. The best part of over night trips I think is that we get to bond as a group. We form a relationship with each other that many of us have never had before. It is the neatest thing. It always seems to happen within Shining Through, no matter who the students are. I love to see God work in that way. I will have some of the closeset friends on this campus come from that group of people!!

We didn't get home until later on Sunday due to the 5 hours it takes to actually get to Chicago. It was a long weekend, but one that is so fun to look back on and smile. From Dancing with friends, to singing with friends, and playing games, I LOVE Weekends on/off campus like the past one for me!! :)

Blessings of Peace,

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