Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring semester...

Coming back to Bluffton was hard. I have mentioned that in the previous posts from the month of January. That is for sure, but the one great thing about Bluffton is that things can change and shift within an instance. My best friends waited out for my moods to shift and are still living on the same floor as me. :) That is true friendship. There are many ways in which this past fall semester has changed us, but throughout it all we have come out with strength in the end. There are so many things that have gone right in the past few days and many of them include my friends.

It is getting close to Spring break time, and many of us are feeling the heat of deadlines. Myself included. We are putting a lot of time into our homework, which happens to be within our rooms, away from each other. We are all working towards finishing things that our time together is limited. Last night it was nice just to sit down and talk. We could laugh about anything and we could spend time together. It was one of the best nights of this whole semester.

With Spring semester comes the student senate presidential debate, the cabin fever of winter, and the look out for Sunshine. Well all three of those things happened this week. Monday, many people woke up with the intent of walking to class with the same ol' routine. Cabin fever has set in and many of us are wanting to get out an go... well, Monday the Sunshine was out and the weather was actually nice enough to walk around with a long sleeve shirt. As soon as that announcement was found out students were walking around without coats, smiles on their faces. It is such a relief to see the sun in the morning and to walk around with it shining on our faces. It makes the campus that much prettier and brings the students out of hibernation.
Our student body has one major thing that happens within Spring Semester. Our student senate president elections for the next year come into play. This year two of my closest friends are running for the position on campus and have to go head to head next Tuesday in a debate. WOW. I never imagined that my senior year the first girl I met on my first campus tour would be debating against my best friend on campus. What a position to be in.

This was very exciting news, to have the campaigning going around campus and the signs being up all over...
Now we must wait to see what happens in the debate.

Enjoy the sunshine... (too bad it's raining today)
Blessings of peace,


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