Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow

It is a funny thing to go to bed with very little snow on the ground and then to wake up with a nice blanket covering the campus. That is exactly what happened this morning. My original routine of looking out the window was stunned to see approximately 10 inches of snow covering the walk way. I was even able to witness someone attempting to ski their way into class. I couldn't help myself and just started laughing, laughing so hard.
The next step for my morning routine was to check the news on tv, just to see how bad this weather was actually going to be as well as jump online to check for class cancellations. After not receiving any emails it was my next stop to hike on the boots and bundle up for the short snowy walk. After a few close calls and a friend of mine actually falling we made our way into Centenial, the main building, with just a few laughs. As we made our way up the stairs there was a clear sign posted, NO CLASS for my 9 and 10 o'clock. SHOOT DANG!! No class!! What a great feeling. ;)

So, for my schedule today, I am embracing the snow while taking a nap, doing some homework, and catching up on all the busy work that I have put off. I do have a night class at 6.30, but I am secretly hoping that the snow keeps that class away too. ;)

Bluffton looks beautiful with the snow, it makes me think of Christmas. The one thing that I will say about it is that a lot of times we seem to have a bit of a rough time making it from one place to the next with out a minor fall or our socks wet. The walk ways are the best, but we seems to know how to make due.

While I sit with my tea and blanket, I begin to think about Spring and the flowers. I can not wait to see flowers! :)

Enjoy the snow. Stay warm.
Blessings of Peace.

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