Thursday, February 26, 2009

just a few things...

So there is one thing/person that I can always look forward to each day... my roommate!
The past 2 years I was blessed with an amazing person in my life, who is my best friend. She is hilarious, but due to some scheduling problems this year, we were unable to room with each other. I was on a search for the rest of the semester looking for someone to fill her shoes. Well, I was so LUCKY to find one with a completely different pair of shoes. :)
Maegan had the room to herself last semester because I was in Ireland, but this semester it has become a change for both of us. We had only known each other from a group that we were in together last year, but she was still someone who I could see myself living with.Well.. 8 weeks in and she is incredible. I look forward to running into my room and talking to Maegan about my day and asking her about hers. We know our schedules and can sit in silence if need be. We fit perfectly together and can still make new friends. I look forward to living with Maegan the rest of the year!!!

I am very excited for Maegan next year because she applied to be an RA, and got the letter of acceptance just this week!! We jumped up and down and celebrated her good news! She is going to be an awesome RA. It is a perfect job for her!! :) :)

This week is coming to a close and I only have one more test to take! What a relief that is to know that tomorrow I will be finished with midterms and will be 2 hours into a trip of a lifetime. 3 of my closest friends and I are going to drive ourselves down to Florida to stay at one of the girls grandmas house! Sunshine and warm weather is all I can think about!! I am sooo excited! The problem with that is that I have not started to pack yet. We leave tomorrow and I have about 3 different lists going around the room of what I can bring, what i need to bring, and what I want to bring. It is a good feeling to know that in just a few short hours, I will be walking on the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying my spring break at a place where it might feel like spring!!

Blessings of peace for you all!!


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