Sunday, February 15, 2009

When the lights go down...

It's funny to see how people react when big things happen. This past Wednesday was one of those days. Our boys Basketball team was playing one of the rival teams and it was "White Out" on the stage. This is when our Student Senate promotes that everyone wears all white to the game for support! I had class that night, so I was unable to actually make it to the full game, but I ran to the gym when they were in overtime. It was an intense game that came down to the last few seconds of play! Bluffton came out of a winner in the end, but the fun didn't stop there.
As many started filing out, I stopped to talk to an old friend. He came back to visit and as we were talking the gym lights went off. YIKES. If any of you have been in a gym when the lights go out, it is actually fairly scary. There were said to be bad storms coming around and we were to just be cautious.
It was wednesday night, so I proceeded with Janna, to Jen and Joes because we have our regular date day. As I went to pick her up, all of the lights in Marbeck went out as well as the lights that light up the path outside. This is when I begin to panic, never in the 3 years have the lights gone out and stayed out. I was not a happy camper. Walking along the path, it was as if Bluffton was a ghost town.

Jen and Joe had electricity in their apartment so we were safe for the time being from the storm. Phone calls were made back to friends in the dorm, and we found out that there was a large wind advisory for the entire night and that the halls didn't have any power either.

It was a crazy night at that, and power didn't come back until 3 in the morning, but we were sleeping anyways! It makes laugh looking back, but it sure was scary at the time.

Blessings of Peace.

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