Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What it's like...

College. Fun. Busy. Crazy. Entertaining. Stressful. Hard. Wonderful.
What else can I say? How else can you describe this time in your life when you have to take care of yourself for the first time?
There are so many times in the day when I wake up and it is so surreal. I'm not living at home, I'm not being cooked a dinner every night by my mother, and I'm not even mentioning my laundry! There are so many things to adjust to while you are away from home. It can be a time of worry, anxiety, nervousness, or even relief. The fact is that you need to look at this as another step to move in the right direction.

This past week, I walked into my lobby and saw a whirlwind of excitement. It was actually a mess, but a wonderful mess. There were blankets thrown around, books spread out and 4 girls curled under blankets with their laptops open. It was a sight to see. They were all studying for the upcoming week of classes and reading for quizzes. This was something that I was able to smile about, because these girls were getting things done and doing it together.
After joining them for a bit of time, I then headed to work in Marbeck. I am a Desk Manager and get to answer the phone calls that come in. It is some time that I am able to work on homework but also some time that I can watch people go back and forth from dinner to their mailboxes. I love my job, because you are able to keep up with what is happening on campus.
Bluffton is a place full of activities. This past weekend there was Winter Formal and swing dancing. The ministry team traveled to a town for some overnights and church in the morning. And on campus there was Sunday Morning Worship. Every weekend isn't like this, but many of them are. They are full of fun and activities and friends.
The main thing that is happening on campus is our Student Senate President Election. This isnt happening until February 26th, but the people running are getting out on campus and are getting their pitch out to people.

Our Student Govn't is very important on campus because they are able to make changes. They listen to students and try to fix some things for the campus. Some of the topics in this years running candidates include recycling, 24hour open space, printers in the residence halls, and just making progress.

Bluffton is a place of involvement. It might be scary trying to move away from home, but it can be so worth it.


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