Sunday, January 20, 2008

High School

What is the difference in life at college compared to high school and how I've changed?
A lot.
If I would be able to sum up this entire blog with just two words they would be it. Even talking to a few friends who are in high school it is difficult for me to remember what it was like going to school from 8-3 and even having seven or periods in one day. High school is the phase of telling people where you are going, asking to use the restroom, having hall passes. College is very different. It is all about independence. I was just talking to a friend of mine on Friday about the first few weeks of class my Freshman year and we both started laughing. We were discussing one morning that we didn't attend the forum on a Tuesday and went shopping instead. Our classes were finished for the day and we had nothing the rest of the night. It was quite a shock just leaving after one of my classes. I actually felt like I needed to tell someone where I was going and what I had accomplished for the day. Looking back it is a bit silly in that way because I wouldn't even know who to tell if I was leaving. I just leave a message on my dry erase board and go.
College is a place to grow up. That is for sure. Whether it be just becoming a new person, actually doing your own laundry or waking up for class, it is all about independence.
I personally have changed quite a bit when coming to college. Of course there are the little things about doing laundry and cooking some food on the weekend, but most of all my outlook on life is different. The little things in life matter, but don't mean as much. I try not to worry about what my plans are or if something is going wrong. So much has happened that the little things to worry about shouldn't even matter. That is how i've grown. Other than in my spiritual sense I have changed in little ways that end up changing me as an entire person.
Life can be good as long as we make it good and enjoy it. :)


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