Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome back...

Wow. It has actually been a long time since I have logged into Blogger to talk about school that I don't even know where to begin.
Well, Finals weeks took its toll on me so going home for three weeks was well worth the wait. It was a time for family and friends. It was three weeks of nothing but home cooked meals, laughter and quality time. Something that I cherish so much! :) Winter break is actually one of the best things ever. This is because you have 3 weeks between the changing of classes so there isnt any homework, reading, or papers that have to be finished. You can sit at home twirling your thumbs if you want, but nothing is due!!
My Winter Break consisted of spending time with my older sisters. We are very close and try to stay in contact while we are all at school or work. We were able to go shopping together, watch movies, play games and just spend the days talking. I never realized how much I missed them until we spend time together. This was the highlight of my break.

So after the three weeks of home, it was time to pack up and move back to school. The good byes were hard, but I was excited to hear all about everyone else's breaks. Hannah went on a cruise, Mary traveled, and Ashley spent time with an Army friend ;), it was time for some girl talk.

Unpacking was a hassle, but worth it. Getting back to the routine of things is going to take some time, but will work itself out with time. The girls of Riley Court are busier than ever and are already staying up late to study, getting up early to work out, and finding time to just spend the day together. We are all jumping with two feet back into life at College and are loving every minute of it.
Classes are just beginning and I already have the ones that I like and the ones that seem to be a little tiring. The best part of having class is finding the people you know in classes. I am lucky to know at least one person in every class that I am taking. It can be a blessing and a stressing trying to find people in your class. I always give a sigh of relief when I see someone I know.

So After a WONDERFUL break, I am trying to jump back into the swing of everything. It is actually easier to come back than many think. There are activities to bring friends back together after break and also down time to just hang out. People say that College is one of the best times of your life... I believe it!


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