Saturday, November 10, 2007

Great News!!

So this past week went by very quickly. It was one of those times when you feel as if Monday was so long ago. Well, this was fast and wonderful! :) This is because I realized that Thanksgiving Break is only 10 days away. Crazy right?! There are things you look forward to when being in College. One of them happen to be breaks!! Days during the week where you can go home, or stay on campus with friends. This break I of course am going home! :) My sisters will be there and it will be my last one for two years!--That's right!! I applied for the Northern Ireland Program next year and got accepted!! :)

I was so excited. This is going to be an oppourtunity of a life time! Of course there are going to definately be struggles. Being away from home, missing Thanksgiving, finding money to pay for it... these things are just minimal in my eyes right now!! This past week I have been on a mini-high from this!! It isnt until next fall, but it just seems so soon!!

Hannah (bestest) was not thrilled that I wanted to apply. It meant that we wouldnt see each other for a semester. This is going to be one of the biggest struggles that I will probably face. But me being in Northern Ireland is only half of it. She is actually applying for a semester in Colorado. This will be at Focus on the Family. She will be learning about family issues and all about the religious aspect. This is something that she is looking forward to! She is going to rock it! So... instead of just being 5 hours away.. we will be around 7?? i'm not actually sure- but it is going to be hard.
Here is the other thing. My roommate this year (Ashley) is staying at Bluffton. So she will be here without Hannah or myself. It is going to be a large struggle, but the "trio" can do it.
There will definately be long emails and maybe phone calls, but I think it will actually make us all stronger!

I am so EXCITED!! Northern Ireland... :)


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