Sunday, November 18, 2007


hello. :)
Today is the Sunday before Thanksgiving. What a weekend!! It seems as if everytime I blog, I write about weekend activities, but the weekends on campus are usually some of the best times ever. So of course I plan on sharing them with you! :)
This past Friday was one of the yummiest (is that a word?) Friday's ever!! Being the week before Thanksgiving, our Residence Hall, Riley Court, had a Thanksgiving meal. It was everything that Thanksgiving is known for. The Turkey, Mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, laughter, tv, pictures and whipped cream tosses. What a night. We even went into the "turkey coma" after eating, but that wasnt it... After eating together some of us went to MAD (marbeck after dark) and played eucher. MCB was holding a tournament and some of us needed to go and make sure there wasnt any cheating and also just to have some fun on a Friday Night. Soon after the tournament, I called it a night because the Big Game was the next day.

A day that I look forward to every year. This year, Hannah and I meet two of our friends (Phil and Zach) and watched the Game. It was a sweet victory for the Buckeyes!! We ate some good food, yelled and cheered at the TV. The day went by quickly after that. We were able to finish up some homework and eat leftover turkey. The weekend in general was wonderful.
Today, is the LDP (leadership developmental program) annual Christmas/ Thanksgiving dinner. Students involved in this get to mingle with each other and eat some really good food. It is a peaceful time before break.
Along with that, Midnight Maddness is also happening tonight. It is when the basketball teams are introduced and MCB gives away free things. Always a positive things for students!
Monday night I am leaving for Home! :) So this week is going to go very quickly! I am so excited and can not wait!!!

So find things that you are thankful for. Like MCB, my floormates, Ohio State! :) and of course family!
Enjoy the food and family! :)

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