Friday, November 16, 2007

Shining Through

So, I am involved in this Music Ministry Group called Shining Through. Many of you may already know this because I tend to talk about it all the time. It is something that I love with my whole heart. It is a time to stop and worship my wonderful God with a group of people, whom I love. Well this past Wednesday was our very first "time of worship." We usually travel in the Spring on the weekends to Churches around the area and in other states, but our first one is always in November. We travel to the Marion Correctional Instution. At a first glance, many people can feel uncomfortable because of course we are going to a jail. But this experience changes lives. It is a time where we stop and look at our lives and re-evaluate them in the sense of loving our God. We first go in and walk through a metal detector and sign in. Then we get ready to perform worship.
It is very intense walking up infront of 100-120 men, whom are in a prison for different things, but are are able to see how God can work with these people.
Grown men fall apart when worshiping and stand up and praise the Lord. This is an oppourtunity of a lifetime and I am so blessed that I get to be a part of it.
This group actually brings people together in a form of worship.

Our Religious Life in Bluffton is actually something to look forward to. There are so many things to be involved in on Campus and the Religious Life is a great one.


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