Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh Mondays

There are times when the weekends go by so quickly you cannot believe that it is already Monday?! This weekend... well, was not really one of them. This past weekend I worked at the front desk in Marbeck for most of the weekend. It was a long 17 hours, but I did get some things accomplished. They good part of the weekend was Sunday. I was able to wake up in my room, and sit in my pj's for a while. Every Sunday at home, my mom makes breakfast. So I decide to do that. mmmmm. Pancakes and coffee!! :) My dearest friend Becca was also here this weekend, so we spent the morning together eating and laughing. After that we worked on homework and decided to make cookies, dinner, and a cake, while dancing to some music. This weekend was a time to accomplish some things.
After laughing a lot and making people happy by baking for them, we relaxed to some good old tv. Every Sunday it is a bit of a tradition getting together to watch Brother's and Sister's. I recomend this tv show!! It is wonderful. I almost always leave with tears in my eyes! After a long Saturday at work, having this Sunday was wonderful!
Then comes Monday. Back to classes this week as well as scheduling for classes for next semester. This happens the same time every year. You are allowed to register for classes at 7a.m and people actually do. Seniors get the first day and then Juniors and then down the line. My register day is on Wednesday. You need to get up early to get into classes. It's a crazy world sometimes when it comes down to graduating on time and getting the specific classes... ;)
This week is the last full week before Thanksgiving. I cannot believe it. Next week at this time, I will be at home with my parents and sisters! :)
Then when we come back we have two full weeks for class then finals. This year is going by so quickly. It is unbelievable.
So enjoy the time that seems to fly.

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