Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 Weeks Left!?

Wow. So it seems as if I havent blogged in a LONG time. Since then, I have had A LOT of turkey, family time, and papers. HMM... I believe that it means we are getting close to the end of the semester. HOW CRAZY! It seemed like just yesterday it was 80 degrees outside with air conditioning in the building and now it is 30 degrees with... well STILL air conditioning in the building. Here in Riley Court we are sleeping in hoodies, sweatpants and socks because it is so cold. But anyway....
It blows my mind that we have less than 3 weeks left of a semester. It is so fun in Bluffton when Christmas comes. Downtown there is what is called the "Blaze of Lights". It is a reason for people to decorate their houses in a TON of Christmas lights. I plan on going uptown sometime soon with the girls. It will be a great time for some hot chocolate, gloves, hats, and scarfs. My thing is that I hate being cold, but love winter. (is that even possible) I love seeing the 4 ft. Christmas trees in residence halls and lights drapping from the beds. People come in from shopping with bags and smiles. In Riley Court we are collecting canned foods for a charity. Winter is such a great time for caring.

As I look outside there isnt any snow, but there will be soon, so i wont wish for it. Next week Megan comes back from Northern Ireland, and I can't wait to talk to her. It is going to be such a great day to see her!

So after Thanksgiving things seem to fly by very quickly. Tomorrow is already Thursday and then Friday will be December. Christmas parties are going on, people are reading advent devotionals, people are just getting into the Christmas spirit. One of my favorite times is when I walk into the hall and hear Christmas music playing. It brightens my entire day. So as you go outside and feel the cold or the next time you bundle up in your coat and scarf remember the greatness of winter and the Christmas season.

Stay Warm! :)

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