Monday, December 3, 2007

My weekend.

This past weekend was the last one that I would have free until after break. It seems crazy to think about that, but it is true. I am beginning to get packages in the mail that I have ordered for Christmas. Next weekend is the last one and I have to work. It is some time that I can look forward to have for studying.
Anyway, This past weekend was a fun one. My roommate was on campus as well as many of the girls in Riley Court. On Friday, PALS was presenting a healthy food night. This was in Bobs. They served Pita chips, hummus, fresh fruit, and fresh veggies while we watched the movie Supersize me. It was set up in a comfortable setting. The three of us girls brought our blankets to cuddle under.
After the movie we went over to Ramseyer to a friends room and played guitar hero. Never in my life have I played that before until Friday. It was such a great game! :) It was a time of laughter and friends. We stayed until halls closed, which is impressive because it it hard for me to stay up until 1 o'clock on a normal day. We had such a great time!!
My Saturday was a bit different. Sleeping in is a very wonderful feeling. It is something that I would love to get used to. So after we slept in, we also ate lunch in Marbeck. Then too all of my excitement, we came back, grabbed some homework and threw in my FAVORITE Christmas movie. White Christmas.!! CLASSIC! :) So when the sing-a-long, for me, was over we the got ready for an MCB event.
We all jumped into a van and began to travel to Dayton to see the Dayton Bombers play. In the end they lost, but it was sooo fun. We had footlong hotdogs, roasted peanuts and some nachos to eat. (So much for the healthy Friday) it was my first and probably last hockey game.! :) But it was very very fun!
Sunday Morning Worship is one of my favorite things on campus. It is a time to get together and worship together. A friend of mine was the speaker. He did amazing. It is such a great feeling being able to watch friends worship together. After SMW, I spent the rest of the day doing homework and staying warm.
This weekend was one to remember.! :)

Blessings during this chilly season! :)


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