Thursday, December 3, 2009

remembering things...

It is strange for me to think back 1 year from today. I was in Northern Ireland packing my suitcase for my final adventure in Europe. I've missed those adventures alot the past few days. It could be because the students that are over there now are actually flying home as we speak. That just means that the semester is actually coming to an end and its a bit scary. There are so many times throughout the semester when I have thought back to years past and wished I was in that place again. Maybe it is because life seemed easier then, or because I know how things actually turned out but being a Senior going into my last semester scares me. Just the other day my best friends and I woke up early to eat breakfast in Findlay at the Cracker Barrel (I work there and get a discount). Due to our busy schedules we had to get up extra early just to find time to spend together. As we were sitting in an almost empty resturant the question of "what was your favorite year" came up. We all sat there with a look of, "oh crap was has been our favorite year." It was so interesting to sit and listen because we all had our favorites for very different reasons. I truly love that about my 3 friends. We are so similar in many ways, but completely different.

Many people have been talking about how next semester will be here very soon and that I should prepare myself for graduation. There are alot of fears going through my system right now and the biggest one is what in the world am I going to do. There are many days when I don't feel prepared to be any place but back at Bluffton, but I guess that is how many people might feel.... I hope so at least.

I love this school and the opportunites that I have been given and the friendships that I've made but I never would have believed that I would be afraid to leave it. Hopefully those emotions figure themselves out by this time spring semester.... ;)

Stay warm today,
Blessings of Peace,

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