Monday, March 23, 2009

Bluffton people

There are so many times throughout my day that I am able to say hello to so many different people. The interesting thing is that people in Bluffton are very different than people elsewhere. Whether it is a community member for a faculty, Bluffton people seem to be more compasionate.
For example: Yesterday one of my close friends finished his Senior Recital and I looked back in the recital hall and there were more than just students there. Marks professors were all there to support him througout his journey as well as former students that are now on staff. What an incredible thing. Mark did an amazing job at his recital too!! :)

Today I was working at a Social Work table during lunch, when professors were coming to eat. We are sponsoring an event called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes where we are to raise money for a crisis center in the area. (Within this story is a point, I swear) Some of the money is being donated through votes of who the students want to see wearing high heel shoes. I think to myself, "What professor would volunteer there feet for this walk?, Bluffton ones."

People in this village are some of the most incredible people that I will ever meet. They open their homes, cook dinner for students, and allow us to babysit their children.
One of the neatest things is that without those people Bluffton would not be the same. This place would not be thriving as it is.

After a busy weekend at home, I come back to campus with a bad case of "the weather changing cold" and people here are more than willing to take care of me. wow. what a feeling.

Blessings of health (and peace)


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