Monday, March 16, 2009

Bowling, Cleveland, Shining Through

What to say about the past few weeks.. Other than the fact that I don't realize how quickly the month of March is going by, there have been a lot of different things happening within the room of 218.
On a regular Friday night at Bluffton the student planning group, MCB, usually has an event for us to go to. This past weekend was the Luau that was presented by PALS. This was a time of dancing, laughing, friends, and fun facts. PALS is an organization that encourages role model leaders on campus. Peer Awareness Leaders is an incredible group on campus that puts a point out to educate the students on campus about smart decisions, about safe issues. There are so many opportunities in and around campus that are available for students. This past Friday, I was able to drive to Ottawa and go bowling with a few friends before the dance. It was a time for us to get away from school, but also a time to just release energy that we have built up. It is so easy to get from one place to another. i forget that a lot of times.

On Saturday, my music ministry team had an overnight trip to Cleveland where we stopped at one of our owns home church to praise God! What an experience it is to sit and meet with people that you will maybe never meet again and talk about who you are and what you do. There is such an open community that follows Bluffton students in support of what we do. The entire state of Ohio seems to be behind young students in hope that they succeed and this weekend I was able to see that by going into a strangers home and being welcomed with food and shelter. I love going out with these people in this group and spending time worshiping as well as just having fellowship with all of them.
The hardest part of this weekend was coming back to my room and finding my homework piled high. Sometimes I forget that I need to focus on more than just my extra curricular but also the reason why I am actually at Bluffton, for my education.
This place is finally becoming home again after months away.
Through the struggles, fears as well as happiness and laughter!

Blessings of peace,

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