Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For granted

I take a lot of things for granted at Bluffton. The time with my friends, the education, the wonderful faculty and staff, but most of all the Beauty of it all. This campus takes my breath away. It is truly beautiful. I remember the first time that I stepped foot on campus. It was actually in June 2001. My oldest sister was taking her college visit and we stopped to walk around the beautiful place. It wasn't anything special, other than the place that took my sister away from my house, but soon took me too. :) And I'm still loving it today!

One of my most favorite things to do on campus is to walk on a sunny day when there is a breeze around the campus. I just did a mini walk this afternoon without a coat and loved the smell of fresh air and the sound of the baseball game in the background. It took me straight to Spring! What an incredible feeling! :) :)

Another thing that I did today, was have mini reunions. Sometimes life catches up with me at school and I take for granted my friends. I can be busy with one thing and then another and find myself bogged down with other things. Today I took time to renew those friendships and loved doing it. It was like I was supposed to put off doing homework for this afternoon and sit with my roommate and eat grapes with the windows open, or drive to findlay with the radio turned on and the breeze blowing talking about after next year with a friend. It is those moments that I can fall back in love with the campus that I first saw in 2001.

Spring is approching and we can all feel it on campus. Whether we are getting out of classes early or using ever moment we can to be outside, it is happening. :)

Renew friendshipa and find a mini reunion. They are incredible things! :)
Blessings of peace,

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