Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday Maddness

It seems as if the weeks seem to just fly by. This coming Sunday is Feb. 1st. WHAT!? I have officially been at Bluffton for what is now my 4th week. I has been strange, (please note the previous posts) but it has also taught me a lot. I am taking my education more seriously, I am taking my relationships to heart (although that is a process intself). I have taken this beautiful place for granted the last 2.5 years and now I need to make up for it.

Monday monday monday. I knew that this week was going to be tough. I have a lot of things on my plate right now and I'm trying to find time to fit things, people and life in. I woke up yesterday with my todo list in hand.
1. Wake up. ;)
2. Class
3. Work
4. Meeting
5. Work
6. Meeting
7. Forum run through
--that didn't seem bad, until in between each one you add lunch, dinner, homework and travel time. A busy day indeed.
Throughout the day yesterday, I just kept reminding myself that it is better to keep going and then catch up later. I wonder if that is REALLY true, or if I was just trying to fool myself. During the day I was fine with it, but when it came to getting ready for bed, I still had to do the "catch up". That I did NOT like. What I need to do is work ahead. The thought of that just seems daunting, but also worth the extra few hours of sleep.

As I was catching up on work for today late last night, I received a text message from my best friend back home. She is 9 months pregnant and went into labor. Shoot. It was such exciting news!!

That was soon added to the todo list for the next day. :)

My days seem to just run right into the next around here. I'm not quite sure why or even how. I feel as if I wake up in the morning with a purpose, but fall asleep with clueless thoughts. Hmmm.
My day today started off with a new "niece" and a really interesting class lecture. Apart from presenting in forum, in front of the faculty and staff, and finding a time to drive home, the day once again has come to an end. Strange. My week is already half way through and it seemed to just begin.

Bluffton seems to have that effect on me... taking my breath away at the strangest of moments.

Blessings of Peace.

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