Friday, January 23, 2009

What a day.

I have had the privilege to be a member of a music Ministry team on campus. Shining Through. In previous posts, I have talked about being in a leadership position in Shining Through, I have talked about the people and the idea of what we actually go out and do.

This year, I do not hold the student leader position because I was away for a semester. I am VERY ok with that (due to all the hard work), but it is very strange to step back into the group and not have to worry about what needs to happen, who I need to call or what is best for the group. It is a relief actually. Last night we had Shining Through practice and I actually was thrilled to not have to deal with the music, and I was more happy just to stand and sing. What a strange shift in my life.
I have been having many of those "strange shifts" all around. For example..
-Walking in the snow and ice, instead of the rain.
-coming back to a residence hall (with a roommate), instead of my house in Derry with a housemate.
-struggling my way back through the millions of books to read, instead of struggling to understand what professors are saying.
-not drinking tea all the time (i miss this)
-seeing the same 15 faces EVERYDAY. ( i miss that too.)

There are so many different things I have come to love at Bluffton. It has been a place of so many memories and stories that I will have forever, but it is also difficult to jump back into the scheme of things with the busyness all around you.

I have been struggling with trying to find what role I am fitting into, similar to the Shining Through experience. What do I do? Things are the same, but is it better for me to ignore the change, or do I buckle up and enjoy the new experiences? Of course the last one sounds better, but what if I dont really want too??

These are the things going through my mind on campus today. Everything isnt perfect, but finding where I seem to fit back at Bluffton is key.

It is actually beautiful out today! The sun is shining and it feels like a heat wave. ;)
Enjoy the weekend.
Blessings of Peace


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