Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where did it all go?

How can it be close to the end already? It seemed just like last week when I hugged my parents goodbye for a whole semester, cried myself into a fit with my bestfriend, and slept only a few hours on a 7 hour plane flight.

Well... here is something, it was not only a week ago. I have been in Northern Ireland for 3 months already and I have no clue where the time went. I have learned so much from so many different people. Just this past weekend we had our final retreat with each other back at Corrymeela, the place where it all began. It was such a blessing in my life. Whether it was staying up late chatting with everyone, eating too much food at our dinner, or playing the mafia card game until 1.30, this weekend was one that i will never forget.

These people that I have met have changed my life in so many different ways, it is too difficult to even explain. Last night, we had our final girls night with soup, ice cream, chocolate, beer bread and lots of tea. We all found our way to each other during this semester and at the end of it, it was interesting to stop and think about what we all brought to this program.
These women have touched my life and changed so many differnet parts of me. We laughed, cried, talked and even sang into the night.

While this trip has taught me so many different things about this incredible place, it has taught me one important thing for sure.... and that is that I have made friends for a lifetime. I know that no matter where we all end up, I will have a connection between these people because of this magical place.

What a feeling....

peace and love.

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