Sunday, November 2, 2008

Notes about Halloween in Derry

10 notes about Halloween in Derry
(by Anna and Carrie.)

1.) Some costumes are wonderful, and others are just excuses to buy short skirts in neon colors.
2.) There doesn't seem to be any trick or treating
3.) The parade includes everything from acrobatics to accordions.
4.) The fireworks are amazing, but I can't help but pay more attention to the costumes around me than the fireworks above me.
5.) You become surrounded by vampires with little baby pumpkins, pirates with their arms around their sweet-heart bees, and more walking bananas than you'll ever see again in your life.
6.) Before the festivities even begin, the Christmas lights are put up.
7.) The streets empty at midnight...but only because everyone moves into the bars.
8.) The night is what you make it...which is to say, making carmel apples with a small group of friends is a good alternative to the typical Derry night.
9.) If you can't find carmel to melt, you can melt toffee and butter together.
10.) If you don't have pumpkins to carve, carve an apple. :)

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