Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loving friends

Oh it seems like yesterday since I wrote my last post, but I was reminded by my mother on the phone that it was definitely more than just one day. She actually said... "You haven't blogged in a while. Why is that?" Well momma, here it is. :)
After my week of fun and dancing last weekend, it was back to the routine of internship and every busy thing that went with it. Monday morning was filled with phone calls to agency's that may be interested in working with Children in Crossfire. I was also starting to organize a schedule for our tour to local schools that was going to happen on Thursday. The one problem about Mondays at work is that the heating is turned off for so many days that the building is freezing. YIKES. I forgot about that wee detail and froze my butt off for the entire day. I actually worked with one glove on because the computer mouse wont work with both gloves on. Oh what a site to see walking in to the office that day.
The rest of the week just seemed fly by as each day ran its course into the next. It was a night of Tin Whistle, a night of a girls youth groups, a night of pasta fun and quiz night, and then friday already?? Wow. when you keep yourself busy time just flies. Wednesday night, I was invited to a co-workers house for dinner and it was incredible. These people are so welcoming and love conversation. It was a night of stirfry and music. It felt like home. Thursday night included all of the women in our group and a lot of pasta at a host families house. How incredible and fun. We all crammed around a table together and had our pasta, garlic bread, tea and a bit of wine to even the night out. We talked about what we have been missing out and then watched a movie together. It was a night of fun and friends. That night, Carrie and I worked our way down town with our host parents to participate in pub quiz night. Wow. They wanted us around for the questions that they didn't know, but all I can say is that they know a lot and didn't really need our help. Question after question they answered and ended up winning in the end. Wow. :) What fun we had.
The next thing you know it was friday morning and our week was finished. It is incredible how quickly time and emotions run while you are away from things that are familiar to you. Everything is different and keeping in contact with people seems a lot harder to take than before.
I am less than 1 month away from home and there is still so much for me to see and do here.

I just hope that I can get them all in. :)

Peace and love.

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