Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving....

It is currently 8:11 pm on Thanksgiving night and I am sitting on Carrie's bed with my boots and scarf wrapped around me. Don't worry, it isn't because I am cold, it is just the style!
Even though today was Thanksgiving, there was no turkey, stuffing, or corn in sight. I actually had peanut butter and jelly for lunch. As I sat at lunch, it was a strange realization to think that on the best eating day of the year I was suffering with a PB&J sandwich. hmmm.

Tonight we had our dance at the mayor's parlor. After all of our weeks of Dance class and tin whistle we made it to the final show. As we stood in the Guild Hall lobby with our heads held high, 14 of us stood with hands held jumping around looking ridiculous. It was amazing! :) As we jump around giggling and tripping over each other we found our way to the end of the song and were relieved to know that we didn't fall or make huge fools of ourselves. ;)

After dance we took a stab at Tin Whistle and didn't a pretty good job. With this night I realized that this place truly is home. I seem to come to a realization of that ever time I blog, but this time I know its home. Today I waited in the living room for my 'family' to get home so that we could drive together. I smiled at them as I danced my way across the floor and I applauded them for all of the effort they put into making me feel happy. Stevie and Roisin are my family and I am truly blessed. After the night seemed to make its way to a close I was able to hug my host parents and smile at Carrie. They may not be blood relatives, but they are my relatives now.

Tonight is time for homemade pumpkin pie to create some sort of a Thanksgiving atmosphere. Carrie and I baked it yesterday by ourselves! (It turned out pretty great mom! You should be proud!)
After that we will make our way to our Thursday Pub Quiz night! :)
Today I got to spend one holiday with my family, and on Christmas I will be with my other family... It's strange to see how love can bring people together!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Blessing of joy and peace.


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