Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh What a Night

What a place to be. Ireland. or Northern Ireland. The culture here is incredible. The people inviting. The music astonishing and the dancing... well amazing.
Last night our Bluffton group was invited to join in the celebration of 20 years for the local group that is keeping the culture of Irish together. To be more specific the group that we take Irish dance lessons and Tin Whistle from.
Our Tin Whistle teacher Geralt was actually going to force us to play in front of everyone, so we had to go. In the beginning it was more of an obligation for us to be there, but by the end of it we loved the whole experience. After a few speakers (in Gaelic) and more than 20 minutes of silence or food was finally served along with tea and round 2 for the locals and their beer. It was an interesting time at that. Soon after, or dance teacher came up and pulled us on the dance floor with everyone else and we did our dance, along with 4 of the other ones that we learned. At first we were so nervous because we aren't very good, but once we stepped out there we were better than some of the other people. It was such a high to stand and dance around with people you didn't know. Along with people that you loved. It was good craic. (a term they use often over here). The night started at 7:45 and didnt end until we were almost asleep on our tables at 12.30. Dancing was what we werent expected to jump in with, but we ended up loving every part of that. Our Tin whistling came after that and was an enjoyment for everyone there. IT was nice for them to see outside people taking an interest in what they are trying to preserve.
Once we got home, it was bed time by 1.30. This morning is supposed to be filled with friends and movies and food I hope. It is one of our last Saturdays here and that in itself seems so strange. I remember packing for this trip and going shopping for this and now I need to start thinking about that all over again? NO WAY!.

My internship is incredible. I love getting up and going into work ready to start a new adventure or project. I can't wait to write more about the upcoming weeks of fun that CHildren in Crossfire is going to have me doing.

I hope that you all are well!
Peace and Blessings.

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