Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunshine makes a difference..

When it is winter, the first few months people love it. Christmas would be coming, snow is new, its a lot of fun.... after a few weeks of that people being to drag....

Well, we are finally at that point when students are getting antsy. They want spring and sunshine, birds and warm weather. Today was our first little glimpse of that. It wasn't too warm, but students saw the sunshine and walked outside without a coat. What a difference the sun makes in lives. I can be honest and say that my smile was bigger than normal today... I will blame it on the sun. :) After a long day of teaching, my roommate came back exhausted, but hyper. We blame it on the sun.

This Friday starts the beginning of Spring Break tour for Shining Through. We are going to be traveling to North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. All of this will be occurring within 10 days in a bus full of people. It might sound horrible right now, but it is actually one of the greatest trips ever. :)

I am going to be pretty busy this week, and I hope for some time to breathe, but that might not come until Friday morning as I load myself into a bus filled with excitement.

Blessings of Peace,

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