Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LDP retreat

This past weekend was awesome. I know that it is Wednesday and I am just writing about it, but I think that it is an important event to talk about. LDP Retreat. Leadership Development Program. This program consists of all of the "leaders" on campus. If you are an RA, Hall Chaplain, Student Senate, MCB, or any spiritual life activity on campus. If you are a student coordinator, then you apart of LDP. This weekend has always been one of my very favorites. It is a time when we as leaders spend time together and learn more about each other. It is a time of fun, relaxation and friends. One of my favorite things about this is that we have a group of our "advisors" also there to join in the fun. From learning about our civic engagement theme, to playing multiple icebreakers and worshiping together, LDP was incredible.

Along with our weekend of learning, came a weekend of SNOW. That was the start of the massive snow storms that would soon hit us this week. Driving back to Bluffton wasn't very exciting, but very terrifying. I learned alot this weekend, whether it was through loving friends, playing games with people I didn't know, or through helping one another push cars out of the snow. There are quality people at Bluffton, and I have the opportunity to know a lot of them.

I hope you aren't snowed in...

Stay warm,
Blessings of Peace,

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