Sunday, October 5, 2008


Happy October already! :) I know it is the 5th, but time seems to be going by so quickly that I can't keep you updated all the time. This week the groups is going to be spending time in Dublin until Friday the 10th! How exciting!!
What has been happening you ask? Well... a lot! Everything happens when you don't realize it. (Plus the fact I am in another country) On Wednesday, we had two back to back classes to make up for missing a few earlier in the month. This was the longest day ever. ;) Who wants to have two 3 hour classes back to back? After class and some paper writing, the whole group gathered in one place for the first time in a long time. We all brought food and had a potluck. This was our time to stop and relax after all of the mayhem of the beginning of the week. There was more food then I imagined. Who knew that we could all cook something? :)

Thursday was a rainy day. Much to the suprise of all of the other ones. This past week, I was able to wear my new raincoat that I had purchased before hand (thanks mom!). That night for dinner, we (Carrie and I) were invited over to a friend from churches house. They are a family that was welcoming and opened their home for us to get away. We had great food, and fellowship, as well as a fire! This was a home away from home.

The weekend came once again with full force. Carrie and I got the opportunity to go and sit in on the Civil Rights Memorial that was held in the city hall in Derry. This was recognizing 40 years of the civil rights movement and had many differnt speakers! I was so impressed. I got to listen to the President of Ireland speak, Martin Mcguinnes the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and also many other people. This was a time for the community of Northern ireland (and others) to come together and focus on more than just the 'troubles' but also focus on where things are going. The direction that this place heading in! It was amazing.

I am so blessed and honored to be in this place with such great people. I was making a part of history yesterday being in that place as I was learning the history. It is strange to think about things like that, but incredible at the same time.

Blessings from Northern Ireland!
Love and Peace.

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