Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An ipod kind of day..

Good morning. Well... early morning for those of you in the states! I am currently at the same place as I was yesterday, working on the same paper. Oh the love of homework! :)
Today I woke up with the feeling of content. There are times in life, when this feeling doesn't necessarly hit until I have nothing to do, and trust me... I have lots to do here. It was a morning that I was able to roll over in bed, and smile. Maybe it was because of the restful sleep, or the fact that the night before I was able to sit by the fire with my Host Mom and talk about U.S politics, or maybe just because it's another day in my life that I can be 'thoughtful'. :) Anyways, after waking up and walking down for some cereal and tea, I took off for yet another day in the lab before class.

Usually, on my way to campus, my ipod is hooked up in my ears playing some sort of music for the day. As I put them in today, i decided to put them on shuffle. A mixture of songs, for a mixture of feelings! While I was walking between the raindrops, I passed many people with the look of frustration(from the rain), the look of tiredness(from lack of sleep?), and one with a smile of his face. I try to walk about this city with that same smile that I recieved from that stranger. So as I walk with my ipod full of music and my heart happy and content, I realize this place is where I should be. A place where I can struggle, love, cry and learn. Every post so far describes this place in the way I see it, but I feel as if my eyes are open to very different things every day. It's like I have a new pair of eyes every morning. That is what is so interesting.

So, tomorrow morning, I am going to put my ipod in my ears again, open my eyes and smile at someone walking by. But most of all I am going to accept how things come. :)

Contentment, and peace.


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