Monday, September 29, 2008

It's interesting to think that I have already been here for many weeks! Wow. How time goes by very quickly.
It is currently Monday afternoon at 2:18 and I am sitting in the computer lab on campus about to start a paper for one of my 5 classes. I am trying to catch up on emails, papers, pictures, music. There is so much business that I forget about until I can get myself to a computer.
This past weekend I was able to take a day trip to the city of Belfast. I went with a few people from the group, and we had the day to walk around the city. It was amazing. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, and we were able to find a market place that was thriving! :) So far, this was one of the trips that I have enjoyed the most.
This trip gives you so much freedom that you don't realize you dont have at home sometimes. I am able to get up and go places without really having a plan. Although, saftey comes first always with Meryvn (director), it is the fact that I was able to stop and tour the city of Belfast with 4 other people my age.

This trip is doing so much for me in the way of growing up. I have been put in situations that I never would have expected to be put into back in the states. I am growing acustom with how things work, and what I should and shouldn't do in this place. I am open to answering questions about anything here if you have any. There are only so many words that I can use to express how the life of Derry really is. You can only understand sometimes if you get this experience as well! :)
Enjoy the pictures!! :)

Blessings and Peace.

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