Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Extra things to do...

Hello all,
It has been a while since I have actually updated fully on what was happening in Ireland. I am very sorry for that. This place is magical. I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, but most of all a sense of peace. This is a bit strange because I am currently working on finishing some papers that are due soon, so peace of mind shouldn't be one of the things I should be thinking about. :)
In previous posts, I explained a bit about what I am supposed to be doing here and the classes I am taking. Today I want to explain a bit about two classes that we are supposed to take about the culture of Northern Ireland. These are classes on Tin Whistle and an Irish dance class. Let me tell you... they are thrilling.
Every Tuesday night at 7:30, the students from Bluffton travel up the road to a building where Traditional Irish Classes are taking place. There are wide varieties of learning Tin Whisle to Irish Dance and even learning the Gaelic language. It is incredible to see all of the people on the first day.
After that we break up into groups and every week meet to go over the songs that we were to practice. Last night was Tin Whistle and I just love going to that class. Maybe it is because music is in every bone of my body, or just the fact that we are learning yet another part of the culture.
Irish Dance is on Fridays and this is a bit more tricky. A lot of people maynot have dancing experience so it is challenging, but so much fun at the same time. Life here leaves me feeling in awe of what I am doing.
After we have practiced dance and tin whistle for a while, closer to the end of the semester we will be invited to perform infront of the Mayor the the city building. That is what we are working our way up to. YIKES! :)

Well... I shoud go and add on to the first paper that I started!
Peace and Blessing from Ireland! :)


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