Wednesday, November 9, 2011

wonderful wednesdays.

Well, here's to the most wonderful of wonderful wednesdays. This is a recap. A recap of life, love and the past two weekends of traveling. If you stick with me on this post, I thank you. :)

Two weeks ago, was the weekend that I was incredibly nervous about. The boy decided it was a good time to take me back to Ohio, to meet his sisters, mom, step dad, grandma, nieces, and anyone else we could run into within 24 hours. Yes folks, we were only there for 24 hours. I was excited for the ride out. I love driving in a car, I love blasting the music when it's just me and catching up with old friends, however, this was going to be a little different. You see my lovely friends, this was our first long car ride together. I couldn't help but think to myself, will I be able to talk on the phone to an old friend, will we listen to music the whole way, am I going to sit in silence the entire time, or am I going to be ridiculously nervous the entire trip?! Well, it was one of the best trips ever. I've learned a few things since I've started dating this boy...
1. I can sit in silence and be happy with it.
2. I laugh frequently.
3. He has lovely taste in music (even if he hates some of my choices)
4. If someone calls and I want to chat, he is more than willing to let me, he will more than likely join in the conversation :)

So - - the first 4 ish hours, were cake. We talked about work, life, music, sat in silence, took a phone call and then sang away to music. It was the last minor leg of the trip, when I started to get quite. I believe he looked at me and said, "you, okay?" "yep, yep, yep, crap.... what if they don't like me?"

Well ladies and gents, the 24 hours spent in Ohio two weekends ago was awesome. I was welcomed into the house with a belated birthday gift, delicious food, and a night filled with music, games and a family spending time together. It was so good to get away from the city and find myself surrounded by people that are supportive and care about the life that you're living.
I can't wait to spend a longer weekend with them.

After that weekend, I made my way into the next work week with Wedding Weekend anticipation. I was thrilled that we had a relaxing week in Ohio, but the next stop at the end of the tunnel was the official Wedding Weekend. BearPaw Fest 2011, Molly and Alex, Berry/Pawsey, mysistersgettingmarried weekend. I'm not sure which of the following you've heard me say, but I'm sure it was one of those.

This past weekend, I watched my sister marry the man that she loves. I watched her promise to "never stop fighting for them." It was an amazing moment. I watched Alex tear up as she walked down the aisle, I watch my dad hold her hand and kiss her cheek, I watched my mother walk down and light that candle that represents our family, I witnessed my sister and I hold hands and smile as our older sister, our role model, the person that broke up our fights, picked us up when we cried and supported us in every way possible, get married. We were her support this weekend. We fastened her dress, held her flowers, and attached her veil as she made a commitment to love.

So here's to two weeks of wonderful wednesdays, but most of all, here's to love, life, and families.

Mr. and Mrs. Berry, I hope you're enjoying that Georgia weather.

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