Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wonderful wednesday.

A running list of things I love...

1. letters.
This week, I get to spend each day opening a little letter. It's going to bring a smile to my face.

2. Walking into a house filled with love.
I did that a number of times this week. Joel and I were invited to celebrate my besties new house on Sunday afternoon with a large gathering of people that love the Nitz's. It was so good to see Hannah and Caleb, meet their friends, family and just spend time together. They are amazing people, and their home is beautiful.

Tuesday evening, I left the 'Burgh early and decided to make the drive home. It would give me more time in Clyde to see friends and help mom get the house together. I arrived in Clyde at 10:45pm to find the lights turned off. All of the animals were sleeping along with my parents. However, I noticed that there was a small light coming from a tv in my parents room. I slowly made my way up the stairs to scare the crap out of my father. It was honestly priceless. Even though he was half asleep waiting to find out about the Dancing with the Stars finale, he wanted to show me all of the new things in the house, he wanted to find food for me to eat and wanted to make sure I was comfortable. It was one of the best greetings ever.

Wednesday morning. I have two nieces. They can be angels, monsters, hellains, or the sweetest children ever. I love them. So much. I've helped raise them. Their mommy, is my beautiful best friend. I haven't seen these girls in a few months but they continue to get bigger in each picture I receive. It breaks my heart a little each time. Anyway, I pulled up to their house this morning and opened their back door to be greeted by two dogs and an almost 3 year old who was saying, "Tia, tia. I slept with mommy and daddy last night." I soon look over to see my best friend and her husband with dark circles below their eyes. Yep, she did sleep with mom and dad, but mom and dad didn't sleep very well. :) I think that was my favorite greeting ever. (please note: Mia is holding a picture of her as a baby in a duck costume. When I found this today, I started to cry. True statement. Stop growing up!!!!! PLEASE.)

3. Phone calls from the car.
Last night, I got to catch up with my sister as I made my way back to Clyde. It's amazing to me how relaxing I find driving and chatting. It seems to make my 3.5 hour drive home go that much faster.

4. Black Friday shopping
I dont actually know if this should qualify under wonderful wednesdays. As most of you know, I LOVE my sleep. I NEED sleep. I turn into something horrible without the proper amount of sleep. Ask my mother about the dare lock-in in 6th grade, if you would like a memory of crazy Anna. She get's mean. But once a year, the Pawsey/Berry women take on the morning to go out for bargain deals. HOWEVER, half the time there isn't anything we NEED to shop for. So we just get up early, complain about the cold, get breakfast at mcdonalds and try to keep tabs on our aunt every black friday. So here's to this years black friday.

Here's hoping I'll make it through -- along with everyone else.

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