Friday, November 18, 2011

wonderful wednesdays. (friday special)

Well crap. I apologize for it being Friday.
I think my Google reminder didn't go off for this week, so I completely forgot about posting. I'm sorry Mom, it will never happen again.

This week was a super super busy one. With a trip to Philly, annual appeal stuffing and a Thanksgiving dinner with the PULSErs, I'm quite surprised that I had time to sleep.

So, I'm going to channel a few friends and their blogs for today's post.

Thanksgiving Dinner according to Sarah , Boyfriend

I flew out to Philly on Monday morning to attend an Americorp session for PULSE. I stayed at a hotel, took the public transportation and made new friends. As I was making my way through the city, I had this strange feeling. I was making it through the city on my own. I was finding my way from point A to point B. I loved it. It made me think about how far I've come since my senior year of college. It's crazy to me how time flies and where one ends up. The conference in Philly went through Thursday, but my time was done after Tuesday Morning. My supervisor and I switched spots and he wrapped up the rest of the week. He's kind of a big deal (he presented at it and all!) But it was a really good way to start a week. I felt accomplished by the time Friday came around, which was a really nice feeling.

So my Wonderful Wednesday post is pretty random this week - - I apologize. :)

But here's to a fun filled weekend and holiday week.

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sarahspicuzza said...

Thank you for the love Anna. I'm glad you could join us last Wednesday for a day of celebration:)