Tuesday, September 13, 2011


this is for you ma mere.

Well- I gave you fair warning. Life has been busy. Busy with painting, busying with moving 2 houses, busy with living with friends, busy with finally unpacking and moving in to my own house, busy with adjusting to a new job and just adjusting to life.
Wow. Life just continues to move a head even when I have tried to beg for some sleep, or at least more coffee... lots of coffee.

However, after the past few weeks of busy, I can finally say that I have a home. It is a lovely little home. A 4 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room. We have a small issue with a funky smell coming from the neighbors house (so if anyone has ideas of how to get rid of it that would be awesome) but other than that, it's the place I get to come home to every night.

PULSE is keeping me on my toes. I've come to realize that being organized is going to help me A LOT in this job. From entering financial jargon into Quickbooks, or organizing receipts. I also come to realize that I love talking to people about PULSE. What a sweet organization I work for.

Finally, I'd love to send a thank you to all the individuals that have helped 4 girls move into a new house.
1. we have a lot of crap. a lot a lot.
2. our crap can be heavy, and the house we picked happens to be up quite a few steps.
3. we also come from 4 different home towns where our parents have saved great things for us, but we had to find ways to get it here.

So just to let you all know, if you helped brainstorm how to get boxsprings up the stairs, donated an end table, found curtains, or carried in our entertainment center-- we are so grateful for you.

I can't wait to start this year of adventures with these 3 women.

All my love-

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