Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Weekly post...

I'm afraid that this is going to be what happens when life gets busy... posts might begin to slow down. This past week has been a good one and a testing one. It is about that point in time when I start to miss home, when I start to miss people I love alot, but also the point in time when I've started to fit in! I really do love Pittsburgh! I love the excitement of my placement, the spirit that my house mates have about change, the love that I get from people all around me. So, it's been a good week but also one that has tested why I'm here.

This weekend half of the house got to go on a church retreat (I wanted to go, but needed to work at Union Project) anyway, it was a test of keeping myself busy! Maggie and I had most of the house to ourselves so we spent a lot of the time together!! From going to Penguins Practices, to grocery shopping, it was an Anna and Maggie sort of weekend! Maggie is a Pittsburgh sports fan born and bred, but I am one that tries to stick it to her every chance i get, esp. with the Steelers.... so it was actually fun watching Maggie at a Pens game... she was crazy-- but I can easily see why, the Pens are fun to watch!! :)

I would love to have visitors if you are ever in Pittsburgh!! :) I have a lot to show people because I really love this city!!

Sending lots and lots of love!

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