Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mighty, Minnie, and maybe a Mickey

What do these three words have in common... a mouse at the end of it. Yes friends, we here at the PULSE house have had some new friends.... or whatever you might call them. Mice. But don't be nervous because we've actually already caught two of them. Even a house full of 8 women can find a way to buy some traps and set them! :) Even if we did have to call our fathers to ask which traps we wanted. We have a chalkboard on the wall and every morning I turn to check if another one was caught.

It's been a pretty uneventful week so far. Work at Union Project is really great and the community that I've surrounded myself with is even better. We eat dinner every night together-- kind of like when I was little!! We talk about our days, our highs and lows, what we have to do this week, when we will be leaving for a PULSE fair at a college or when visitors are coming over. A lot of things-- but one thing we love happens to be those dinners. It's a time of love, of sharing, of community. What we've all come to realized as what PULSE is for many of us.

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