Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend full of love, laughter and stronger friendships...

I think as I sit in the living room with my cup of tea and blanket wrapped around me, I feel the fall weather upon me. I know this because I can turn the tv on at any time during the weekend and Football is on, I can walk out the house with a mug of coffee and feel content, I can wear a few layers and not sweat or freeze to death! It is definitely fall weather. I love fall weather. I love everything that comes with it, but I am struggling a little bit because for the past few years, I was blessed to experience fall weather at Bluffton. A place that I love. A place where at moments notice I could find someone to laugh, hug, cry, sing, smile, and walk about the campus with. It was home. I'm adjusting to Bluffton not being "home" anymore. It's more of a challenge than I expected because I not only left Bluffton, but I left people I love.

This weekend was one that was filled with laughter. On Saturday, Laura, Abbi and I ventured out to Southside to register Laura for the "Great Race" which was happening this weekend. We needed to make sure she got her number for the race, but we also just wanted to explore the city. Sometimes... its a bit difficult to catch the buses on the weekend because they only run every few hours. So.. we ran to the bus stop because we didn't want to miss the bus, only to have to sit for 20 minutes for the next one! We made it to our destination and started to pinpoint places that we have already been, but didn't realize where they were. After we made it home with some delicious Rita's (which I will take everyone i know who comes to Pitt there for dessert) we had some friends over for game night!!! :) Friends, talks, food and the Game of Life! What a great weekend!

This morning was Laura's race and 5 housemates took to the bus and early morning with a sign for Laura! We barely made it downtown because of the detours, but we made it with a few minutes to spare. When we saw her run by we were screaming with excitement and come to find out she was the 11th woman to cross the finish line. Dang Laura!! She was rocking!! With a 10k down... we took our shot at walking a few miles to the "favorite restaurant" in Pitt called Pamela's. Our lovely President raves about these pancakes! Food was delicious.

A few things I love about the city..
1. Free things.
2. Delicious food
3. Transportation--even though it can be frustrating.
4. The PULSE house and "family"

I miss home frequently... but I love that I'm learning a lot about myself and the people I'm with!

Keep Peace.

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