Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A fake reality....

A phrase my sister (whom I've yet to talk to while being in Pittsburgh--come on Pawsey, is does Illinois not have phones.) Just kidding. I guess they go both ways...

but anyway-- a fake reality. What in the world is that? A place in life where you might have a job, place to stay and food, but also a place where you don't have to pay for bills, heating, water, etc... well, sister- i think we both live in a "fake reality" now. Beth and I are on grocery duty this week and we just returned from Giant Eagle with bags of food and only a little worry of what we spent. Sure we have a budget as a house, but that budget is just for food, stipend, and transportation. A pretty sweet deal. I think that this reality for me is a pretty good decision.

Today is Wednesday- which means we have seminar this afternoon... we are (i think) going over communication and what it means for each individual. It has been a lot of small things that we've been going over, but is also something that is quite important for a house full of women.

:) Something that i've realized within the past few days... we all like to spend time together, but we also like to spend time together in the Kitchen sitting at the table. It's one of my favorite things so far. Whether we are entertaining the people that are on dish duty for the evening, or if we are just sitting drinking, milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, we are laughing and talking.

Community Living-- I could get use to this! :)

Seek out Peace-

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