Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Memories last a lifetime!

When thinking back on last week all I can really do is laugh. This weekend my roommate, and best friend left to go home for the weekend. This left me at Bluffton ALONE! Panic came to my mind and I could just see myself being bored the rest of the weekend. That thought was proven wrong when some of my friends got the idea to build a fort. hmmm. It was like we were back in 5th grade. ( I personally was just going to throw a sheet over a table, but the boys wanted somehting bigger) We took the sheets off the beds, blankets from the futon, and pillows from the floor and created what was our get away for the night. It was so fun. We watched Garden State (amazing) and then talked about life and told stories. That is something that I will forever remember.

That was Friday night. Saturday morning was even better. 3 of my friends wanted to go and have tea at this place called the Swan House. It was amazing. We got all dressed up and went for lunch. Tea, cookies, scones, and sandwiches were served. So much laughter was heard in that big house because there were four giggly girls. It was a day of fun and laughter. We then took a tour of the house and took a lot of pictures. When we were done, I looked at my watch and realized that it was around 3:30. We spent 4 hours having tea on a Saturday. Time goes by so fast when you are having fun. =) After we got back, we enjoyed a night in by watching chick flick movies.

After the movie, I went to bed at a decent time because Sunday's I travel to churches with our music ministry group called Shining Through. I LOVE this group. They are a second family to me. We go to church and basically do the entire service. The music, the message, and special music. It is so good to have groups of friends that come from different activities. I love days that you can just sit back a watch them go by. It give me a sense of peace. The fact that I am having so much fun is great, but for me the memories will stick with me forever. Memories last a lifetime. =)


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