Thursday, February 8, 2007

As I sit in my dorm, with the tv turned on, I think about my busy day ahead of me. Thurdays.. oh how I love them. =) I always seem to look forward to Thursdays because it is close to the weekends! They also are my busiest days of the week, but very enjoyable. Class in the morning, Chapel, Lunch, Class, homework, worship at 7-9, and then Shining Through practice from 9-10:30. Oh how great Thursdays are! =) Friends and I always get together on Thursdays and watch Grey's Anatomy. It is just time to get together and hang out, laugh and watch some good tv!! =)

Thinking about the night just makes me smile!! Nights at Bluffton are normally entertaining.! That is what I love most about it here. I could be alone for the entire night, but not really be alone! Last night my roommate was gone and I still had people to talk to!! In my opinion Bluffton has this way to keep people busy, whether it be through activities on campus, or just in the dorms!! Bluffton always has love to give! =) haha

Well that is about it for my Thursday today.. busy busy busy.. like always! =)
God Bless!~

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