Sunday, February 25, 2007

ahh the weekend =)

Hmmm, when thinking about what has happened this past week a lot of frustration, and happiness comes to mind. Spring Break is in one week and everyone is getting ready for a break. It seem just like yesterday when I was packing my stuff up to come back from Christmas break. It is interesting to see what has happened since then. New friends were made, plans fell through, and a lot of traveling. A lot of you may ask.. what plans, friends, and traveling? this girl is crazy> I will not answer the "crazy" part =) but I will answer the others. ;)
When left alone (with out a roommate) I am forced to be socialble with other people. The best thing is that these "other people" are amazing. i have met new friends from across campus and even upstairs. The past weekend, like said in the earlier post, I was able to go out with these people.
The planning that fell through, well, since Spring Break is this next week, my roommate, best friend and I were all taking a trip to Chicago. AMAZING! We are planning to go and see Wicked and shop around the city. This is somthing that I have been looking forward to for a long time. But the "housing" situation fell through just this past week. I immediately panic, and start to break down. hmm? My roommate and best friend jump into gear and start looking up rooms. The thing that amazes me is that these people are a part of my life for good. I know this, because even though the plans that we made together fell through they are WONDERFUL. Chicago here we come!
Traveling. Well being a part of our music ministry team I am given this change to travel to a part of surrounding areas every weekend. #1 i get to travel. #2 with amazing people. #3 to spread God's love. What could be better? Whether it be frustration, happiness or just a relaxing mood I seem to be in, I can always look back and see what can come out of that time.

Seeing all of the students on campus running around because they are so close to having a break just makes me smile. It is a time that can just take your breath away. Spring Break means that the Winter weather is almost gone, flowers will soon be popping up, and that it is almost time for ultimate frisbee. (somthing that I do not play, but the rest of campus seems to love. )
Whether it be driving to Chicago with your best friends, going to a beach, for chilling out at home with your parents Spring Break is going to be VERY relaxing and needed after this week!

God Bless~!

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