Thursday, February 15, 2007

Love, dance, beauty!

What is love? It is something that can be found on Valentines Day? I dont think so. Love is something deeper. It is something that you find within friends, family and maybe that someone. Love shouldnt need one day, or even one person. Love should be spread around everyday and should be given to friends and family.
This week on campus, my dorm sponsered "Crush Week". We were able to send a "crush" to a crush! It was something that you could do for a friend or for someone special. It is always nice to come back from class on a cold day, and find a suprise on your desk with a note. Crush was a way to show our love to friends and even loved ones. I got back from class yesterday with a pack of crush. That reminded my how much I am loved by people here at Bluffton. People that I have only met 5 months ago. This is what is important at Bluffton. Family and friends. So what do you do when you find love people... you celebrate. So my roommate, best friend, RA, and I danced with our crush to the song... "I got a crush on you." It was time to laugh and have fun with girls that i love.!!

Bluffton is full of love. Today in Chapel we were anointed and blessed. This was a true blessing in my life because it reminded me that I am loved. Through think and thin I am loved by people.! Chapel was filled with visiting people from different churches for a confrence and they were able to witness our love for God. It is always a great experience to see people come and visit the campus. I wish that everyone would be able to come and see. Bluffton is a beautiful campus, even when covered under piles of snow. It still has this beautiful aspect of it. So on this Thursday I celebrate dancing, love, and beauty at Bluffton. These are things that have stood out in the past week!! =)

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